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WAHI Studio, Inc.

“Miss Jess” is the founder of WAHI Studio INC. and is the main art instructor and the Executive Director. She founded WAHI Studio INC. on August 31st, 2020. WAHI Studio INC is an educational 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides creative services using art in our community while supporting mental health. WAHI Studio is committed to being a resource in the Western New York Community for creative programming and the bettering of mental health. Using art, we are able to provide accessible education opportunities and an understanding of mental health and all that it impacts. We believe that art education is for everyone, the young and the young at heart.

You can think of the studio itself as a gym for creativity. You can come here and form a practice with art journaling using our large collage and mixed media collection. Try out new art mediums like charcoal, sculpture, and ink from our supply stock. We have expressive art forms in our unique chaos corner that include throwing paint, punch painting using boxing gloves, using aim with darts at paint-filled balloons, spin art, and more. We know creativity is found in the process rather than the product. We meet our patrons where they are and offer a safe and supportive environment to discover joy using art. Outside of our walls, we provide art classes, events, beautification projects, and activities for other organizations to help them meet their goals and provide income that supports our studio. Collaboration is a community in action. We love to work with others to spread that inspired joy around. 

Spokes Program: Wahi Studio will provide participants with journals to assist with mental health and programming along with offering messy art- bubble paint, dart, and flower pressing at a drop-in style program.

(716) 345-1339


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